Top 10 Food-Centric YouTube Clips

Top 10 Food-Centric YouTube Clips
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The way to a music video audience's heart, it seems, is through its stomach -- or at least that's the route these videos take, with varying degrees of deliciousness.

From rank amateurs trying to grab a little YouTube stardom to established rock stars, food is a good way to establish a connection with an audience, because we've all got to eat. And if your audience loves peanut butter and jelly, chances are decent they'll like a song about peanut butter and jelly too. Perhaps that's why most of the songs on this list celebrate everyday foods -- waffles, chicken, fast food drive-thrus.

Conversely, there aren't that many musical odes to uppity or obscure foods -- songs about items like truffle oil, pig knuckles, or foie gras seem few and far between -- but that last one could potentially inspire some passionate serenades or angry protest songs. Until goose liver becomes a rich musical genre, however, there's plenty of meat-and-potatoes music to enjoy. Turn the page.

10. Mohamed Shahid Nazir, "One Pound Fish"

Pakistani fishmonger Mohamed Shahid Nazir, in response to rising fish prices, began singing for his supper. Customers started uploading cellphone videos of his siren songs to YouTube, which in turn led to an attempt to manufacture him into a one-hit wonder. The official, dancy video is here, but the clip above also features an interview with Nazir that's got to be the most un-rockstarlike rockstar interview in the history of time. You can almost see the last few grains of sand slipping down through Nazir's rapidly draining fame clock.

9. Albino Black Sheep, "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"

In many ways, Peanut Butter Jelly Time captures the spirt of our age. The video, which had 22,953,867 views at press time is emblematic of the YouTube dream: come up with something short, goofy, and simple -- in this case, an 8-bit banana repeating, "where you at, where you at, there you go, there you go" for a frantic 1 minute, 46 seconds -- gain millions of views, become part of the YouTube canon. This video also captures the angst, pain, and fury of peanut-allergy sufferers everywhere with its anguished cry, "Do the peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat. Now where you at? Where you at?" It's a question to which there are no simple answers.

8. Fast Food Rockers, "Fast Food Song"

Watching this clip is neither pleasant nor entertaining, but it must be done, like some painful rite of passage in a primitive society. While staking your flesh to the sizzling anthill that is this video, marvel at the total lack of irony -- and I mean there is none. Haven't these people read Fast Food Nation? Obviously not. This corporate-chain-worshipping song that equates romantic love with fast food gluttony is the worst food/love metaphor since Total Coelo's "I Eat Cannibal," and that's a low, low bar to pass under. Imagine a disco tune written by a teenager with an obscene fetishy lust for Ronald McDonald and you have this song.

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