Top 10 Food Books in My Pants

Want any of these in your pants?
Want any of these in your pants?

Over the past few days, Twitter has been atwitter with tweets about things showing up in people's pants. There were #MoviesInMyPants, #SongsInMyPants, #BandsInMyPants, and #TVShowsInMyPants. But if you follow people like, say @thejgold, or just about any chefs, food writers, food enthusiasts, or food persona mash-ups, then you most certainly noticed #FoodBooksInMyPants. The tweets were fast and furious, so we decided to take a peek back, and cull our Top 10 Food Books In My Pants.

10. Adventures of an Italian Food Lover in My Pants

From @RuthBourdain

Insert Italian sausage, or "that's a spicy meatball" joke here. Actually, never mind. Please don't.

9. Consider the Oyster In My Pants

From @kittenwithawhip

Probably not what M. F. K. Fisher had in mind. This tweet comes courtesy of an early arrival to the pants party: Katt Kinsman, managing editor of CNN's Eatocracy.

8. This Can't Be Tofu in My Pants

From @Sprouties

And how disappointing if it were...

7. The Enchanted Broccoli Forest in My Pants

From @GFSexyMe

There are a few different ways to take this one, yet none of them seem appropriate to discuss on these pages.

6. Giada at Home in My Pants

From @jbonne

We know a lot of people who would buy this book. Well, unless it's a work of magic realism, in which a shrunken Ms. Laurentiis drinks orange iced tea, cooks, and does loads of tiny laundry inside of a man's corduroys. On second thought, that would probably sell too.

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