Top 10: Fictional Movie Food and Drink

Sometimes you watch a movie like Tampopo or Chocolat and can't help but want to eat everything on the screen. But there is another type of movie food too, the kind that doesn't actually exist. Some of these are from the future, some are disgusting, and some could potentially destroy the planet. Without further ado, we present our favorite fictional food and drink from the world of movies.

10. Perri-air from Spaceballs

This one sneaked onto the list as an odd aberration, as it is neither eaten nor drunk. From a Brooksian sci-fi world, where air is at a premium, people will occasionally require a fresh can of fine, sparkling French oxygen to get them through the travails of outer space.

9. Soylent Green from Soylent Green

In the far-flung dystopian future of 2022, soylent green is a processed food ration through which the massively overpopulated human race manages to survive. It probably tastes a lot like a frozen Jimmy Dean chocolate chip pancake and sausage on a stick.

8. The Ole 96er from The Great Outdoors

Yes, there are 96 oz. steaks in the world, like the one John Candy eats at the restaurant Paul Bunyan. In fact, Brand Steakhouse in Las Vegas has a 120 oz. porterhouse steak, free of course, if anyone manages to eat it by themselves. But we're pretty sure they don't stand over you with a bloody apron and require that you eat all the fat and gristle too.

Can I interest you in a free steak and a t-shirt?
Can I interest you in a free steak and a t-shirt?

7. Spaghetti Twister from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Is it bad that even a spaghetti tornado makes us hungry for Italian food? There is a lot of comically over-sized food in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, but there's no topping a meatball spitting carbo-loaded unnatural disaster like this one.

6. Ink Gum from Pee-wee's Big Adventure

While there's plenty of trick gum in the world, we've yet to come across any that makes a fountain of dark ink spew out of your mouth. Leave it to Tim Burton and Pee-wee Herman.

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