Top 10 Famous Vegans, 2012 Edition

Top 10 Famous Vegans, 2012 Edition

Nearly one year has gone by since our first list of Top 10 Famous Vegans caused an outright internet vegan-type revolution. Well, not really. But plenty of readers didn't shy away from outrightly hating or loving the list, so we thought we'd catalog a few more for 2012. The obligatory public figures, including actors, musicians and even a political speechwriter whose Wikipedia "personal life" entry consists of a single sentence: "Scully is a vegan." Turn the page.

10. Usher (Age 33):

News of Usher's veganism emerged about a month ago, but it makes sense for someone with idolized ab muscles and stealth dance moves to embrace a stricter, healthier diet. Plus, he's got to stay in tip-top shape while promoting his new No. 1 album "Looking 4 Myself."

The singer is also reportedly trying to get the Biebs on a vegan plan.

9. Rosie O'Donnell (Age 50):

Rosie suffered a major heart attack and doctors found one of her major arteries to have a 99 percent blockage. Woah. Lesson learned? Sounds like it. O'Donnell drew inspiration from the documentary Forks Over Knives and the man behind the documentary, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn helped turn the former talk show host onto a plant-based diet. Esselstyn is the same doc who helped President Clinton on the veganism track. Not too long after starting on the diet, O'Donnell dropped at least 10 pounds.

8. Alec Baldwin (Age 54):

Along with losing more than 30 pounds on a vegan diet, the vegan lifestyle also brought the actor love. (Insert obligatory "Awww" here.) Not too long ago, Baldwin was down in the dumps about his personal life, and the vegan diet didn't seem to be doing much for him. In a TV interview he said, "I did lay in my bed and say, 'This is it. I'm gonna be alone for the rest of my life, I'm gonna die alone in this apartment in this bed, I'll have my friends, I'll have Twitter, I'll have Words with Friends, I'll have my New Yorker subscription." But after walking into NYC's Pure Food and Wine, a vegan restaurant, he met his new fiancé, and the rest is celebrity vegan history. No word on whether their gluten-free, vegan wedding cake will be any good ...

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