Top 10 Best Holiday Booze Gifts

Top 10 Best Holiday Booze Gifts
S. Bonar

A little booze always makes those awkward family gatherings go smoother. (Note: A little booze.) If you are looking for a last-minute holiday gift, look no further. These liquors and liqueurs are delicious, straight-up or a part of a festive cocktail. Happy Boozemas!

10. TY KU liqueur: This is a low-sugar, low-carb alcohol made from a soju base that's infused with allegedly health-boosting "superfruits" and trendy antioxidants including yuzu, mangosteen, goji berry, honeydew, green tea, ginseng, potassium, cholesterol reducers, vitamins B, C and E and energy enhancers. What's really cool: Push a button on the bottom and the bright green liqueur is infused with light. (Tree-topper?) Perfect for: The gym rat who likes a little buzz while he or she works out. $32.99

9. Domaine de Canton liqueur: This ginger-infused French Cognac makes a delightful aperitif. Crafted from baby Vietnamese ginger, VSOP and XO Champagne Cognacs by distiller Jean Francois Bardou, Domaine was inspired by a 19th-century recipe for ginger-infused white Cognac. Also in the mix: Provencal honey, Tunisian ginseng and fresh vanilla beans. We like to mix it with lemon juice and apple cider for a yummy cocktail. Perfect for: Your fave Nobu fan. $32

8. Voyant chai liqueur: Like a chai tea latte with a kick, Voyant features tea and spices steeped for hours then blended with sugar, oak-aged rum, fresh cream, premium spirits and vanilla. Delicious when added to coffee or tea or even to French toast batter. Perfect for: That hippie boozer in yoga class. $19.99

7. Le Diciotto Lune (18 Moons) Stravechhia Grappa: Some think of grappa (an Italian brandy made from the discarded mass of skins, pits and stalks left in the wine press after the juice of the grapes has been extracted) as crappa. The young stuff can be rather bracing, but aged grappa can taste more like a fine Cognac or Scotch. Le Diciotto Lune (18 Moons), produced for more than 60 years by the Marzadro family in Italy, is a proprietary blend of four red and four white varietals that are distilled separately then combined and aged in wood barrels for 18 months. (18 Moons, get it?) Le Diciotto Lune earned a 94-point rating from the Beverage Testing Institute for its slightly sweet, earthy taste. Perfect for: Your favorite Fellini fan. $24.99

6. The Lash spiced rum: Yo ho, yo ho. The Lash is a blend of premium West Indies rum, aged four years in 100% American oak Bourbon barrels and infused with spices including Bourbon vanilla extract. Put a nice dollop in your eggnog. Perfect for: Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones and any other would-be pirates. $21.99

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