Tomoharu Nakamura Wins Yesterday's 2009 SushiMasters Competition

Tomoharu Nakamura won the 2009 SushiMasters Finals East/West Challenge yesterday in Little Tokyo. The knife-wielding chef beat out Randy Noprapa of Maneki Neko Restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia; Toshio Furihata of Moshi Moshi Restaurant in Miami Beach; and Hyun Min Suh of Sushi Ran in Sausalito. The chef, of San Francisco's Sanraku, won with his Morikomi Plate and Signature Roll. Nakamura has had a little experience facing the pressure: he was SushiMasters State Finals Champion last year. Check out the winning dish. I wonder if anybody threw rice--the event was sponsored by the California Rice Commission--when it was all over.

Tomoharu Nakamura's winning sushi plate
Tomoharu Nakamura's winning sushi plate
California Rice Commission

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