Time for a New Food Pyramid? GOOD Reveals Winner of Food Pyramid Contest

Is this outdated?
Is this outdated?

Remember the food pyramid? It's the thing that told us to eat less sweets, fats, dairy, and meat, and more fruits, vegetables, and grains. Well, the food world is always changing, and so too are our diets. That's why the people over at GOOD recently held a competition to see if someone could come up with a better version of the food pyramid. The results are in, and the winner, selected by judge Marion Nestle, was Andrew Lasky's "What You Should Eat: More -- Or -- Less."

It's not a pyramid, but rather, more of a food rectangle. It also tries to move away from what appears to be the most pronounced flaw in the pyramid -- a heavy reliance on carbohydrates. Said Nestle, "it overemphasized carbohydrate foods (breads, cereals, grains) and much of our present obesity crisis is due to the increase in calorie intake from those foods and sugars. Fixing that would be a big improvement." Lasky's food rectangle, meanwhile, focuses more on ideas rather than specifics, or serving sizes. More good things, less bad things.

See the winning design after the jump.

GOOD's food pyramid design challenge winner
GOOD's food pyramid design challenge winner
Andrew Lasky

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