The World's 50 Best Restaurants: Raise a Glass of Bubbly Water

Venice through a glass of Pellegrino
Venice through a glass of Pellegrino
Flickr/World's 50 Best Restaurants. Knocking elBulli off the top spot is the Danish restaurant Noma. ElBulli drops to second, followed by Heston Bumenthal's The Fat Duck. Alina is the top US restaurant, coming in at number 7, followed by Daniel at number 8 and Per Se in 10th. Le Bernardin is 15th, Momofuku Ssam Bar comes in at 26th, while The French Laundry drops 20 places to 32nd.

Check the website for a complete list of the top 100 restaurants. (Although a good number of the US restaurants are in California, none of them are in Los Angeles.) One wonders how many of these restaurants serve Pellegrino.

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