The True Identity of Haggis & Other Questions

Do you know what haggis is? According to a report in Reuters, 18% of Britons do not. That might not seem surprising at first -- identifying a grey mass of oatmeal, suet and offal is inherently difficult -- until you realize that it's not just that they can't identify the famous Scottish dish, but that almost 1 in 5 Britons believe that it's a "hilltop-dwelling animal." A recent survey found that another 15% think haggis is a Scottish musical instrument, and 4% believe that it's a Harry Potter character. (That would be Hagrid.)

Which makes us wonder what other foods are commonly misidentified. You may not be Scottish; you may not care what haggis is in the first place. But what about other dishes? Tripe, goulash, lutefisk, toad-in-the-hole, for starters. Spotted dick? Head cheese? It is not what Packers fans customarily wear on their heads. What else? Let us know.

This is not head cheese
This is not head cheese

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