The Counter Opens in Pasadena: Do You Need To Eat A Burger Here Before You Die?

If you're wandering around Pasadena's Old Town later on this morning and feel a sudden, desperate need for fried pickles and a burger, you are in luck. The Counter opens its new Pasadena location at 11 a.m. today. The Counter, for the uninitiated, is one of those happy build-your-own places, along the lines of Build-A-Bear; apparently there are "312,120+" combinations of burger you can potentially come up with. (The + is interesting. Maybe if enough nearby Cal Tech students start eating lunch here, they'll find out exactly how many.) Speaking of numbers, a few years ago The Counter was named #15 in GQ's The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die list. Perhaps it's time to update that list. If the writer is still around.

Bring a calculator with your appetite
Bring a calculator with your appetite
The Counter

The Counter: 140 Shoppers Lane, Pasadena; (626) 440-1008.

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