The Conquering Empire Hamburger Map: Pick Your Metaphor

Via LAist, we found this fascinating map of the United States from Weather Sealed. It renders in color fields the territory controlled by the eight largest U.S. burger chains. Black is McDonald's. The blips of color in the otherwise dark universe are the other seven burger outlets. Republicans seem to prefer Sonic Drive-Ins. We Angelenos have a marked fondness for Jack in the Box, In-N-Out having not made the list. Weather Sealed uses a Star Wars trope, imagining upstarts controlling "but a few significant islands of territory amid the overwhelming and darkly-rendered influence of the McForce." All necessary homage to George Lucas, but this map might just as easily recall a satellite image of North Korea at night, what lights there are burning just south of the border. Pick your empire, your inexact metaphor.

a burger map of the U.S.
a burger map of the U.S.
Weather Sealed

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