The California Strawberry Festival: Your 2-Day Berry Eating Contest

Strawberry nachos

Clarissa WeiStrawberry nachos

The California Strawberry Festival was a two-day berry celebration May 19-20 at Oxnard's Strawberry Meadows of College Park. "We have so much more real estate compared to last year," Daisy Tatum, executive chair of the California Strawberry Festival, said. "The park has been totally improved -- we are dust-free this year. There is so much space and now we can see where we can even expand."

More than 50,000 people turned out for the festivities and a whopping 1.5 million strawberries were consumed over the weekend. "We have everything here," Tatum said. "But for me, anything with strawberries and whipped cream will do." There was plenty of that. The "Build Your Own" strawberry shortcake tent itself used 8,000 pounds of sliced strawberries, 275 flats of whole strawberries, 3,000 loaves of pound cake and 1,500 cans of whipped cream.

In case you missed out on the festivities, Squid Ink headed out to the event on Sunday and snapped some photos. Though there were plenty of non-berry-related vendors to go around, it was the strawberry dishes that stood out. From strawberry pizzas to deep-fried strawberries with a cinnamon sugar layer on top -- the festival had it all. If the samples and desserts were not enough, visitors could even purchase a large crate of strawberries to take home. Turn the page.

Strawberry shortcake

Clarissa WeiStrawberry shortcake

Strawberry pizza

Clarissa WeiStrawberry pizza

Deep-fried strawberry

Clarissa WeiDeep-fried strawberry

Strawberries at the California Strawberry Festival

Clarissa WeiStrawberries at the California Strawberry Festival

Strawberry parfait

Clarissa WeiStrawberry parfait

Flautas with strawberries on the side

Clarissa WeiFlautas with strawberries on the side

Strawberry beer

Clarissa WeiStrawberry beer

Strawberry smoothies

Clarissa WeiStrawberry smoothies

Chocolate-covered strawberries

Clarissa WeiChocolate-covered strawberries

Strawberry wine

Clarissa WeiStrawberry wine

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