The 10 Best Vegan Ramen Finds in Los Angeles

Green Zone
This healthy Asian fusion restaurant uses organic ingredients. You’ll find bright green curly noodles made of molokhia (a spinachlike leafy green) in an aromatic veggie-based broth. While not striving for an authentic sort of ramen soup, this cozy bowlful is made with good Chinese influence: stir-fried veggies are deftly tossed from the wok and served over noodles in a mushroom broth. You’ll crave this bowl so much that driving out to the original San Gabriel location is worth every slurp of the nourishing soup. Their Pasadena spot isn’t too far to go for vegan ramen, either.

118 DegreesEXPAND
118 Degrees
Eddie Lin

118 Degrees
118 Degrees serves up its raw vegan and gluten-free menu in Tarzana along the valley’s trendy Ventura Boulevard. Among fresh juices, smoothies and veggies wrapped in flaxseed tortillas, this version of ramen leans far into the raw-vegan spectrum. It begins with a nest of kelp noodles placed within a wide bowl, elegantly served with a tureen of warm coconut curry broth on the side. Once you pour the golden turmeric-infused curry broth over the noodles, everything pops. Delicate enoki mushrooms, shredded carrots, juicy red pepper slivers and sliced celery top the kelp noodles. Even though the watery crunch of kelp noodles and zesty coconut curry doesn’t quite match up with the basic concepts of ramen, its lively qualities are enough to take pleasure in. It’s as if this bowl of ramen took a vacation and traveled to Southern Asia, complete with an orchid flower garnishing the bowl.

Jinya Ramen BarEXPAND
Jinya Ramen Bar
Stephanie Kordan

Jinya’s vegetarian ramen packs a serious amount of noodles into the bowl. Diners with plant-based preferences can choose either the vegetarian ramen (mushroom, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, black pepper, served with thin noodles) or the creamy spicy vegan ramen (tofu, onion, green onion, spinach, crispy onion, garlic, garlic chips, chili oil, garlic oil, sesame seeds, served with thick noodles), and spinach noodles also are available. If the heat isn’t enough for you, add more chili paste. (Just don’t be too shy to ask if it’s the one without the fish sauce.) The vegan broth is creamy due to the sesame paste, with just enough kick to keep digging your chopsticks in for more. (The crispy kale lollipops, served as an appetizer, make a tasty do-it-yourself topping addition if you’re feeling adventurous.) Aside from the many Jinya locations offering vegan/vegetarian ramen, there's the newly opened Jinya Ramen Express at the Hollywood & Highland complex, a quick counter-service spot where you can customize your build-your-own ramen bowl with all the veggies you could possibly desire within a vegan miso ramen.

This beachy South Bay eatery boasts an extensive array of vegan and vegetarian dishes on its menu, along with seafood so fresh you’d swear they went into the nearby ocean to catch it (for your pescatarian dining partner, of course). Among the brown rice sushi rolls and appealing vegetable dishes are three types of vegan ramen to behold: spicy miso ramen, which contains eggplant, tempeh and kale; mellow miso ramen, a humble corn, cabbage, carrot and garlic number; and crunch miso ramen, which has crispy tofu and onion, avocado and nori in a spicy chili miso broth. Gluten-free brown rice noodles are available.

Eddie Lin

This little gem is a pot of gold at the end of the vegan ramen rainbow. The flavorful broth is abundant with a rich vegetable base, adding combinations such as jalapeño, garlic and fermented black soybeans, or unique toppings like pineapple and kale. The kale and black bean holds its dynamic flavor with a thick, almost currylike miso broth, covered in garlic chips, dainty wood ear mushrooms, and slices of crunchy jicama masquerading as bamboo. The essence of black fermented soybeans add weight to the broth, lending savory nuances as a revelation with every slurp and spoonful.

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