Take a Tip from Simmzy's: Fill Those Brewery Tour Glasses with Chocolate Pudding

Part of the charm of Simmzy's, the latest addition to the gastropub genre, is the number of tap beers the new Manhattan Beach pub squeezes into such a tiny space. Including the 50% share allotted to the kitchen, the entire place is less than 1,200 square feet. Try inviting four dozen friends over to your 600 square foot living room and see what happens.

Here, it works remarkably well. But the small space means finding space for necessities--particularly the numerous beer vessels required (pint, goblet, tulip and pilsner glasses) when you're dealing with Magic Hats and dandelion-scented Lips of Faith--can be a little tricky.

A walk-in full of chocolate pudding
A walk-in full of chocolate pudding
Jenn Garbee

Simmzy's has a clever--and practical--solution. Fill any free glassware with food. It's a double cabinet space savings as it cuts back on the amount of dishes required (no dessert plates necessary) and utilizes glassware that might not be get much use at various times of year. Say, chocolate stout glasses in July.

In Simmzy's walk-in (restaurant-speak for the fridge), chubby Chimay goblets filled with chocolate pudding stand four across and five deep on a baker's cart. Yesterday's vessels of Happy Hour debauchery, today's S'mores puddings awaiting their snowy white bruléed marshmallow crowns.

Simmyz's: 229 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Manhattan Beach, (310) 546-1201.

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