Taco Crafts: More Things to Do While Standing in Line at the Kogi Truck

Before the Kogi craze (yeah, yeah, so add this post to the countless others; consider it a meta post), taco trucks didn't seem a probable subject for arts and crafts projects. Not one to miss any demographic (like the kindergarten set), Kogi has linked to this taco truck cut out on their website. Something to do while you wait for your spicy pork taco--if you can't get on Twitter. And Kogi just held a t-shirt design contest, the winner of which, Reese Panganiban, was announced on Thursday. The talented designer receives "$200 and a Cut-in-Line Pass good for 1 month for a dude and 3 friends." Nothing beats cutting.

Paper taco truck
Paper taco truck
Photo credit: Goopymart

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