Sweet Rose Creamery Pops Up Downtown at Woo Souvenir Shop

Sweet Rose Creamery ice creamEXPAND
Sweet Rose Creamery ice cream
Cida Fukushima

Thankfully, given the holidays and the heat, the trend of pop-up restaurants extends to ice cream shops. It's a natural fit anyway, since ice cream has a long and happy history of being mobile. Starting this Saturday, July 5 and extending to every Saturday and Sunday during the month of July, Sweet Rose Creamery will be popping up at Woo Souvenir Shop in downtown's Art District.

From 3 - 9 p.m. on both Saturdays and Sundays this month, Sweet Rose Creamery co-owner and executive chef Shiho Yoshikawa will be bringing her ice creams and frozen desserts to the shop, which features designer Staci Woo’s clothing and other treasures. 

Sweet Rose Creamery's popsiclesEXPAND
Sweet Rose Creamery's popsicles
Cida Fukushima

On Saturdays, there will be various frozen treats, such as classic ice cream sandwiches, seasonal fruit pops, Valrhona fudge pops, etc. Sundays are specifically ice cream days, with scoops of classic ice cream flavors (salted caramel, old-fashioned vanilla, mint with homemade chocolate chips), as well as seasonal flavors such as blueberry muffin, peaches and cream and Old Rasputin stout.

There is patio seating, so you won't have to watch your ice cream cones drip onto the shop's floor. Assuming, of course, that your ice cream lasts that long. 

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