Stinkers Bar to Re-Open as Thirsty Crow + A Look at Their Bourbon Menu

By now you probably already know that Stinkers bar in Silver Lake will re-open on April 23 as Thirsty Crow, a thematic shift that moves the venue from Ironic Truck Stop Chic to Grampy's Neighborhood Bourbon Bar.

Named after one of Aesop's Fables -- in which a thirsty crow drops stones into a jug so that he can drink the water at the bottom (motto: necessity is the mother of drunkenness) -- Thirsty Crow will offer over three dozen bourbons, whiskeys and ryes as well as almost two dozen Scotch whiskeys. You'll recognize popular brands like Jameson, Jack Daniels, Knob Creek, Maker's Mark and Bulleit. But you may also discover a few brands you can't get at Trader Joe's: Elmer T. Lee single barrel bourbon, Knappogue Castle Irish whiskey, Dalwhinnie 15-year highland malt and Tallisker 18-year Scotch.

Menus after the jump.

Cocktails are few and far between. You can get a handful of sparkling wine cocktails, a few classics (Old Fashioned, Sazerac, Whiskey Sour, Mint Julep), the newfangled Thirsty Crow (Sazerac rye whiskey, citrus, ginger beer and bitters) and four variations on the Manhattan including orange marmalade and chocolate mole.

Look for Sunday night whiskey education classes, a miniscule wine list and five beers on tap: Allagash White, Andersen Valley Oatmeal Stout, Andersen Valley Boont Amber Ale, Napa Smith Pilsner and Napa Smith IPA. If you prefer your beer in a bottle or a can you have a few more options including Bud Light, Corona and PBR -- because some remnant of Stinker's will, apparently, never die.

Thirsty Crow: 2939 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles.(323) 661-6007.

Thirsty Crow's cocktail menu
Thirsty Crow's cocktail menu
1933 Group
Thirsty Crow's liquor and beer menu
Thirsty Crow's liquor and beer menu
1933 Group

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