Sazerac Rye Gets Good With Liquor Gods in New Whiskey Bible

It was announced today that Sazerac 18 year-old rye whiskey (fall 2008 release) is the best whiskey in the world, as rated in the 2010 edition of the Whisky Bible by Jim Murray. (And no, that's not a misspelling; that's how Murray spells whiskey). Murray is an Englishman and his Bible is the best selling whiskey book in Britain, so giving the top honors to an American-distilled liquor rather than a nearly local Scotch--as has happened in many editions--is a fairly drastic change of pace. With an American rye, Ardbeg Supernova (from the island of Islay in Scotland) and an Indian-distilled whiskey from Bangalore making up the new top three, the latest edition has a decidedly more global bent to it.

Sazerac cocktail
Sazerac cocktail
hyperkinetic/ / New Cocktalians to make any number of cocktails, including the original American cocktail, the Sazerac.

Aidan Demarest of The Edison says the spirit makes for a good sipping whiskey too: "Sazerac is a benchmark for rye--the spice, the rye flavor; the beginning, middle and end--it's a great journey." In addition to being enjoyed straight-up or in a Sazerac, Demarest said the newly crowned world's best whiskey would make the perfect base for a Manhattan, julep or whiskey sour too.

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