Safety Check: 8 Foods That Need to be Redesigned

Food can be dangerous. Just ask anyone who's eaten a bhut jolokia chile or tried serving her aged grandfather a whole lobster when she didn't know he had carpal tunnel syndrome. (Sorry!) Some food can be particularly dangerous to children, and we're not just talking from an aesthetic standpoint. The American Academy of Pediatrics, which has long recognized that choking poses a major threat to kids, now asks that we do something about it. Like redesign some foods entirely.

Hot dogs, hard candy, marshmallows and popcorn are among the manufactured foods that the AAP suggests that producers redesign. Apples, carrots, grapes and peanuts would be better if they came in different shapes and sizes too. Okay then. Time for Pink's to start getting their hot dogs made in safer shapes. And for farmers and genetic engineers to come up with new varieties of apples that grow in safe sizes too. So here's a list of some of your favorite foods that may soon look a whole lot different. Perhaps it would be easier to put them all into a handy milkshake.

1. Hot dogs:

Fab's hot dog

Anne FishbeinFab's hot dog

2. Carrots:

carrots at the farmers market

Felicia Friesemacarrots at the farmers market

3. Marshmallows:



4. Apples:

crates of apples

A. Scattergoodcrates of apples

5. Peanuts:



6. Popcorn:

tub of movie popcorn

Flickr/WordRiddentub of movie popcorn

7. Candy:

jars of candy

Flickr/Steve Snodgrassjars of candy

8. Grapes: