Rob Eshman Makes Nice: 9 Ways to Make LA the Ultimate Food City

When Rob Eshman, of the local food blog Foodaism, gave 10 reasons why Saveur's LA edition got it all wrong last week, he probably wanted to generate some traffic, but maybe not quite what he got. So yesterday he made nice, following up with Nine Ways to Make LA the "Ultimate Food City." As he put it, "To read the bawling, angry, acting-out reactions to my post you'd think I called for every Yelper to be sent to bed without his Kobi taco." Well, considering that Yelp is getting sued, that might just happen anyway.

Eshman has some very good points, notably opening a massive indoors farmers market in the vein of Les Halles, zoning for more outdoor beach cafés, improving public transportation, and focusing on schools. (Although more food trucks would actually interfere with at least two of his nine points, but whatever.) It's an earnest list, a good list, and one that graciously leaves the 10th way open to the reader. So, any suggestions? What would you add to the wish list?

Los Angeles skyline
Los Angeles skyline

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