Rice Krispyhenge & Gummy Bearskin Rugs: The Food-Fueled Whimsy of Brock Davis

Rice Krispyhenge

Brock DavisRice Krispyhenge

In the world of Minneapolis-based artist Brock Davis, junk food can be medium, muse and, perhaps, message. Davis has a Time magazine cover to his credit and has counted the likes of Porsche and Gibson as clients, but some of his choicest work plays with nutritionally worthless foodstuffs that occupy the aisles of any self-respecting 7-Eleven.

Gummy Bearskin Rug

Brock DavisGummy Bearskin Rug

In some pieces, Davis elevates a humble product, often iconic out of ubiquity in its own right, by manipulating it to resemble an iconic image. Take, for instance, Rice Krispyhenge, a miniature replica of the prehistoric monument that stars America's favorite chewy, marshmallow-sticky snack. In Dark Side of the Dorito Bag, Davis uses an assortment of Dorito bags (and Doritos) to reassemble the famous Pink Floyd album cover in all its newly corny goodness. A bearskin rug is a signifier of rustic, lodge-y opulence, but in Gummy Bearskin Rug, a Slice-orange gummy bear, perhaps gently heated to allow for ultimate flexibility, splays out like a half-melted yogi.

Not all of Davis's creations involve foods rife with corn syrup or sodium, though. When his son clamored for a treehouse, Davis went small, installing a small shack high in the thick green branches of a head of broccoli.

Broccoli House

Brock DavisBroccoli House