Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time: Smorgascake [Video]

Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time: Smorgascake [Video]
The Smorgascake from Regular Ordinary Swedish Mealtime

Scandinavian cuisine. It's more than just Noma, Sesame Street's Swedish Chef and Bocuse d'Or-winners. It's the madmen of Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time.

A parody of Canadian stunt-cooking show Epic Meal Time, the video series, done in Swenglish, features culinary wonders like the smörgåscake, a smörgåsbord (a traditional open-faced sandwich) combined with a cake. Then there's Swedish Sausage Stroganov Suicide and Meatball Massacre. You can imagine what happens.

[h/t to Europopped. Video after the jump.]

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