Psst... About Bastide's Wine Cellar

Speaking of Joe Pytka's $50,000 case of wine - we were just talking about Pytka's wine, weren't we? - Bastide, temporarily reincarnated as a lunch-only bookstore/cafe until it reopens in February, is quietly thinning its cellar at something close to acquisition prices. The stash, of course, was assembled by Pytka and his former sommelier Pieter Verheyde, who is now plying his trade at a three Michelin-star restaurant in Belgium. What this means in practice is that for the next few weeks, for as long as the wines last, can drink astonishing, mature Burgundies and Rhones for less than you'd pay at most places for a middling California syrah. Keep it under your hat.

wine label art at Bastide
wine label art at Bastide
A. Scattergood

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