Play With Your Food: Name That Burger, #8

Here's this week's edition of Name That Burger, in which you guess the venue of a hamburger based on a picture (below) and a brief description. For everyone who guessed

BLD for burger #7, you were right. (Yes, I know the salt and pepper shakers were a giveaway.) This one is a more basic rendition than some of our previous burgers, Michael Mina's Kobe burger at XIV, say, and comes in the form of a particularly juicy--they will actually make it rare for you if you ask--beef patty, 1000 Island dressing, tomatoes, pickles and a hefty wedge of iceberg lettuce. Optional grilled onions, here included. Wrapped in paper, with fries. Ketchup in the form of an old-school bottle of Heinz. Order up. And remember, you can always tweet your guess @LAWeeklyFood, unless you feel inclined to rhapsodize in more than 140 characters. If so, comment below.

Notice the atavistic charm
Notice the atavistic charm
Photo credit: Amy Scattergood

To recap: 1) Umami Burger; 2) Rustic Canyon; 3) Michael Mina's XIV; 4) comme Ça; 5) In-N-Out; 6) Golden State; 7) BLD.

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