Plate Spinning: Listings From the Past Week

Some food for thought from local, national and international news sources from this past week:

-- A New Orleans bakery makes an oil-slick cake: food as political statement, of sorts. [Daily Dish]

-- How to be a food snob. [Salon]

-- Pat Saperstein pits Wolfgang Puck's new WP24 against the SGV's Chinese food. [Eating L.A.]

-- Natural History of the Kitchen: Stoves. [Eat Me Daily]

-- Rahm Emanuel eats state-funded non-kosher food in Israel. [Obama Foodorama]

-- A chocolate bar that can prevent wrinkles? [Reuters]

-- Three Days on One Chicken, and Other Depression Folklore. [Huffington Post Food]

-- The longest sausage in the world: 2,022 meters. [Metro]

-- For 77 years, one patron has been a regular at NYC's Sardi's. He gets his own cup. You do not. [New York Times]

Plate Spinning: Listings From the Past Week

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