Plate Spinning: Listings From the Past Week

Some food for thought from local, national and international news sources from this past week:

-- "100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do," part 2. [NYT]

-- Pets on plates! Elizabeth Kolbert reviews Jonathan Safran Foer's lastest book Eating Animals. [New Yorker]

-- After Gourmet: where do we go from here? [LAT]

-- First Lady Michelle Obama to do a cameo on Iron Chef in January. [NYT]

-- Pasadena faces an unforeseen fork in the road. [PSN]

-- The Italian-based coffee company, Illy, takes on Starbucks. [WSJ]

-- Daniel Pauly, professor at the Fisheries Centre of the University of British Columbia, on the consequences of overfishing. [NPR]

-- Traditional Mayan horse race marred by moonshine. [Reuters]

Plate Spinning: Listings From the Past Week

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