Plate Spinning: Listings From the Past Week

Some food for thought from local, national and international news sources from this past week:

-- The 41 Deadliest Fast Food Meals in America. [Daily Beast]

-- Woman becomes first person to be banned from drinking in every bar in England and Wales. [Daily Mail]

-- The British finally discover bánh mì. [Telegraph]

-- Your locust swarm. My pizza topping. [ABC News]

-- The bar at the end of the world. [CNN]

-- The Double Down Gluttony Index. [Food Politics]

-- The world's most expensive coffee, made from civet cat dung. Bet it makes awesome espresso. [New York Times]

-- Hershey's expands into Singapore. [Channel News Asia]

-- Chef Jamie Oliver to spend millions of pounds (British money, that is) to improve school lunches in England. [BBC]

Plate Spinning: Listings From the Past Week

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