Pillsbury Bake Off Winner To Be Announced Tomorrow on Oprah

Pillsbury Bake Off Winner To Be Announced Tomorrow on Oprah


What's better than dough in a can, plump and flaky in less than 15 minutes? Getting paid $1 million for baking it into the tastiest Pillsbury dish in America. What's even better? Having Oprah announce the winner, live on her show. Those two powerhouses, General Mills and Oprah Winfrey, will be joining forces tomorrow to announce the winner of the annual 44th Pillsbury Bake Off. Believe it or not, contestants from all over America typed up original recipes using Doughboy products and sent them into the company exactly one year ago in hopes of becoming one of the four contestants who are (as you read this) being whisked away on a plane for tomorrow's final showdown.

Yesterday, 100 finalists baked up a butter-filled room for judges in Orlando, Florida. Refrigerated Pillsbury pizza crust served as wrapping for cashew chicken piadinis while Pillsbury biscuits stood in for buns sandwiching caramelized red onion burgers slathered with cucumber cream sauce.

Monday's bake off

photo courtesy of pillsbury.comMonday's bake off

Out of the 100 mini kitchens set up for yesterday's large scale bake off, four finalists were announced yesterday to compete for the grand prize of $1 million: Niki Plourde and her Tomato-Basil Eggs Alfredo in Bread Baskets are heading to Harpo Studios along with Kellie White with her Zesty Lime-Fish Tacos. Holding it down for dessert lovers, Sue Compton will take her Mini Ice Cream Cookie Cups to battle on American's favorite Talk Show. And last but not least, Roseville resident, Evelyn Henderson, will be representing California with her Salmon Pecan-Crusted Tartlets. Having entered the contest more than six times in the past, this year is the first time the grandmother has made it to the finals.

Follow the contest or take a stab at Henderson's recipe.

The Pillsbury Bake Off Winner will be announced on The Oprah Winfrey Show, airing tomorrow, Wednesday, April 14th, at 3 p.m. on Channel 7 in Los Angeles.

Evelyn Henderson's Salmon Pecan Crusted Tartlets

photo courtesy of pillsbury.comEvelyn Henderson's Salmon Pecan Crusted Tartlets