Photo-Enhanced Counter Intelligence: Lost and Found at Tom Colicchio's L.A. Spinoff Show Craftbar -- Craft of a Top Chef

Crafty: Frozen Foie Gras

Anne FishbeinCrafty: Frozen Foie Gras

From this week's Counter Intelligence on Craftbar: "Craft of a Top Chef" by JONATHAN GOLD: "One of the most pleasant meals I've eaten this year was a spring lunch at Craftbar, the small-plates bistro tucked into the front bar area of the restaurant Craft in Century City. Most small-plates joints, including such good ones locally as AOC or Lou, follow a kind of pattern, a loose, tapas-inspired matrix designed more to compliment the wine than to provide a specific aesthetic apart from lubricated conversation, but this lunch seemed like a different thing entirely, like the Craft experience distilled into a tasting menu: lovely, translucent slices of pressed pigs head served with pungent bits of fresh marjoram; a salad of shaved fennel and apple; baby leeks, stewed down until they resembled ramps, the emblematic wild onion of the East Coast spring, moistened with a vinaigrette and tossed with toasted Marcona almonds from Spain."

Belly of the lamb: Eight dollars well-spent.

Anne FishbeinBelly of the lamb: Eight dollars well-spent.

"My favorite dish was a strip of lamb belly, the fatty cut that has become newly fashionable in the era of maximum meat, presented in a manner that was vaguely Middle Eastern, arranged with dates, roasted beets that had been cut to resemble the scarlet pickled turnips so common in Lebanese cooking, and a bit of thick yogurt that had been flavored with sumac, the reddish, sour spice you've probably seen sprinkled on kebabs. Did the chef lose his nerve at the last minute, substituting the sweet beets for the pungent turnips, the Western yogurt for the caloric lebneh? Perhaps. But the lamb precisely reflected the season, the end of winter slouching into the gentler flavors of spring, and it was delicious -- eight dollars very well spent."

Continue reading JONATHAN GOLD's "Craft of a Top Chef" at But first, here are some web-exclusive photos of Craftbar by ANNE FISHBEIN. For more Fishbein photos of Craftbar, check the slideshow "Craftbar: Maximum-a-la-Carte."

A bowl of fresh fava beans with shards of pecorino

Anne FishbeinA bowl of fresh fava beans with shards of pecorino

Duck sausage with cherry mostarda

Anne FishbeinDuck sausage with cherry mostarda

Mozzerella and more

Anne FishbeinMozzerella and more

Server Kelly prepares for dinner.

Anne FishbeinServer Kelly prepares for dinner.

Caramel popcorn with macadamia nuts

Anne FishbeinCaramel popcorn with macadamia nuts

Watch the doughnut hole.

Anne FishbeinWatch the doughnut hole.

Hot from the oven: chocolate-chip cookies

Anne FishbeinHot from the oven: chocolate-chip cookies

Cool It: Ginger Mai Tai

Anne FishbeinCool It: Ginger Mai Tai

Toby checking the night's menu

Anne FishbeinToby checking the night's menu

Kitchen in transition: Head sous chef John Keenan hones his Craft.

Anne FishbeinKitchen in transition: Head sous chef John Keenan hones his Craft.