Paula Deen Live at the Pantages Theatre: Lights, Televisions, Pork Chops!

Editor's note: This event has been cancelled by Ms. Deen.

Paula Deen, TV chef, cookbook author, queen of "down-home" cooking, and a woman who can somehow cook with more rocks on her fingers than Liza Minnelli, is coming to the Pantages Theatre next month. Deen and Family will present an evening of "cooking demonstrations, story-telling, Q and A and fun," complete with big screens so that you can pretend you're on a set--or maybe at a Dolly Parton show, I don't know. Deen is the author of 9 cookbooks, publishes her own magazine, Cooking with Paula Deen, and stars in 3 Food Network television shows. She and her two sons also run a restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. For more details, turn the page.

Paula Deen
Paula Deen

The show is for one night, and tickets go for between $35 and $200, depending on whether you want the VIP option ($150) or the on-stage seating option ($200). The latter includes admission to a pre-show Food Festival (as does the VIP ticket), seating up near Deen on stage, as well as samples and the opportunity to come "help stir a pot, chop a vegetable, or mix some ingredients." There is also the option of having dinner before the show with Deen. No, she's not going to cook you pork chops and butter cake. You get to go to Citizen Smith with Deen. Can't really imagine the party at The Bazaar, although it would be kind of cool to see Deen emerge from a nitrogen cloud.

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