Pasadena's Ixtapa Cantina Opening December: Gotta Have Furniture

The opening of Ixtapa Cantina, the new Mexican restaurant from Jack Huang (Bar Celona, Villa Sorriso) has been delayed to the first week in December. The Old Town Pasadena location was previously the home of Fred's Cantina. Prior to that, it housed Moose McGillicuddy's. Ixtapa is currently open, sort of, to friends and family, while they await the arrival of furniture.

"That's why they call it 'friends and family,'" says Ixtapa's rep. "People accept the fact that they might be sitting on a cardboard box." The menu, which will consist of small plates, is being finalized. Check back in, because during opening week Huang will be giving away a trip to the Mexican resort town of Ixtapa (for which the restaurant is named) as part of the inaugural festivities. Hey, if the furniture hasn't arrived yet, maybe you can use that box you'll be sitting on for your trip.

Ixtapa Cantina: 119 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena. (626) 304-9955.

Ixtapa cantina in Pasadena
Ixtapa cantina in Pasadena
A. Scattergood

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