Now Open: Soda Pop's on La Cienega Is Ready for Lunch

Soda Pop's, a new mid-city lunch spot, soft-opened Wednesday on La Cienega. The menu is divided in to old and new school, hot and cold sandwiches, ranging in price from $7-$12 and salads. Custom-built wooden tables, benches and a bar, plus antique school chairs make the place look clean, but not severe. "It doesn't have to be pretentious," owner David Puopolo says. "It's lunch."

Well-stocked specialty sodas

E. CourtlandWell-stocked specialty sodas

Soda Pop's

E. CourtlandSoda Pop's

Still, Puopolo takes lunch seriously. Despite its quirky name (a play on the pronunciation of his last name, and a reference to the well-stocked fridge of obscure sodas), the restaurant's unpretentious lunch menu features a chicken Parm that's hand-breaded with homemade breadcrumbs, and a sausage sub that features Pontrelli Old World-style links. Each comes with a homemade pickle and a choice of three different kinds of homemade potato chips which Pupolo says will change every so often.

"We're still playing with the menu," he said, "trying to get the sandwiches just right." Puopolo also has about 20 other sandwiches he's considering adding--he mentioned something about peanut butter and bacon on griddle bread, as well as more specialty sodas, and weekly sandwich specials. Although Puopolo expects to have everything together by the time they officially open next month, as of 2 days ago, Soda Pop's is most definitely (and unpretentiously) ready for lunch.

Flank Steak 'N' Blue

E. CourtlandFlank Steak 'N' Blue

Homemade chips with dill

E. CourtlandHomemade chips with dill

Antique school-chairs

E. CourtlandAntique school-chairs

Custom tables and vintage pop posters

E. CourtlandCustom tables and vintage pop posters

Soda Pop's: 349 N. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles; (310) 967-0119.