Now Open: Nate 'N Al Thousand Oaks, With or Without Doris

THE Beverly Hills deli, Nate 'n Al has opened a second location in the Lakes shopping center in Thousand Oaks. The new location opened on Tuesday to a crowd eager to for their very own Nate 'n Al experience: bowls of chicken matzo-ball soup and The Hollywood smothered in Russian dressing. Nate 'n Al may have the transported the same food-encyclopedia of a menu to the new location, but what about the 60 year-old waitresses named Doris?

Matzo ball soup has arrived in Thousand Oaks
Matzo ball soup has arrived in Thousand Oaks
Photo Credit: Nate Steiner

Nate 'n Al: 2200 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.,Thousand Oaks; (805) 494-3354.

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