Not Just Green Eggs & Ham Anymore: Rainbow-Colored Bacon

Not Just Green Eggs & Ham Anymore: Rainbow-Colored Bacon

When you think of artificially-colored breakfast foods, what comes to mind? Fruit Loops? Fruity Pebbles? Lucky Charms? Well, now breakfast lovers can taste the rainbow in a whole new - and savory - way, thanks to graphic designer and bacon lover, Neil Caldwell. reports that Caldwell has created a literal "color wheel of bacon," dying naturally-pink bacon strips into shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

Now you can color coordinate your breakfast, not to mention your outfit, with your bacon. In the mood for Eggs Benedict? Yellow bacon should do the trick. Ordering a mixed fruit plate? Go for the entire spectrum. While Caldwell won't reveal his secret to imbuing bacon with such vividly unnatural hues, we're making an educated guess that it involves copious amounts of FD&C food coloring shades Blue #1, Red #40 and Yellow #5.

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