New Crop: Weiser's New All Red Potato

Weiser Family Farms' All Red potato.
Weiser Family Farms' All Red potato.
Felicia Friesema

Alex Weiser of Weiser Family Farms is fond of making us ask, "Ooo what's that?" March's entry was a pomegranate-colored tuber sitting off in a corner pile, partially obscured by a box of Chilean Red fingerling potatoes. Those familiar with Weiser are probably not too surprised, as he's been responsible for introducing the L.A. market goers to many new crops: the Ozette, Laker Baker, and Chilean Red Fingerling potatoes in the last few years alone.

"I was thinking of naming it the Gloria All-Red," Weiser teased. "No, I probably won't. For now it's just the All Red, because it is."

The new potato, a hybrid out of Colorado, is scarlet from thin skin to center and has an almost exaggerated, beet-like, waxiness to it. A classic boiling potato, except for its striking color, it made an excellent hash and held up beautifully in a tossed salad, holding its cut from raw to fully cooked without a single dent. If you were looking to nationalize your annual summer potato salad, add a few of Weiser's blues and voila. Flag in a bowl, if that's your thing. The flavor is slightly nutty and just a little sweet.

This crop of All Reds will be around a few weeks yet and expect more later in the season. Though we're still on the lookout for this year's first crop of Laker Bakers.

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