Name That Pastry Chef No. 2: Meyer Lemon Cheesecake and Chocolate Bread Pudding

For the inaugural week of "Name That Pastry Chef," we pulled out our protractors to measure the obtuse angles in a chef's chocolate crémeux. This week, we're shadowing a pastry chef who has been baking a multi-layered following with her buttery stone fruit cobblers, rough-hewn berry crostatas, and glassy crème brûlées that shatter into a creamy abyss with a single tap. Her style hovers somewhere between rustic Italian and country French, with a generous dollop of the requisite farmer's market fresh, of course. Except, perhaps, for that chocolate bread pudding that's been on the menu since the restaurant opened nearly ten years ago. No sign of cacao trees in Southern California...yet.

Recognize the Peaches?

J. GarbeeRecognize the Peaches?

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Toolbox Trigger Something?

J. GarbeeToolbox Trigger Something?

A Favorite Tool For Pie Crust

J. GarbeeA Favorite Tool For Pie Crust

Who Fills These?

J. GarbeeWho Fills These?