Muldoon's Pub: Where To Watch Football with a Side of Apple Pie

There are those who frequent bars during college football season to watch the games, and those who show up for the beer. Every so often, you find that rare place where the food is actually a compelling halftime draw. Muldoon's Pub in Newport Beach is one such place, where for 35 years, football lovers and haters have united over platters of whiskey-marinated wings, house-made bangers, and the soup of the day (served in a hefty mug, lest you forget you're really there to watch football, not pontificate over the finer points of the scones).

As American As... Football
As American As... Football
Muldoon's Pub

It's hardly what you'd expect in a stand-alone T.G.I Friday's-esque space, located across from a shopping mall and boasting more than a dozen flat screen TVs. But then, it's equally difficult to imagine that college football season beings next week, and Virginia Tech is once again in the top ten.

Muldoon's Pub, 202 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, (949) 640-4110‎.

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