Mozza's Salumi Bar: The Doors Open for Chad Colby's Pig Project

Mozza's salumi
Mozza's salumi

The Mozza compound on the corner of Melrose and Highland is L.A.'s version of Roald Dahl's chocolate factory. People go in and come out all the time, but so do the inventions. Focaccia, budino, porchetta. And starting tomorrow, you can add Chad Colby's salumi bar to the list. (Maybe they can invent edible wallpaper next. In butterscotch flavor, or maybe lardo.)

Not only has Colby gone through the laborious process of actually making the prosciutto, speck, coppa, pancetta and Parking Lot Capocollo (Colby has a garden in a patio over the actual Mozza parking lot) himself, but he's also jumped through the seemingly endless Health Department hoops required. Thus, thanks to Colby, Mozza is now the only restaurant in Los Angeles approved to dry-cure salumi in-house and serve it to the public. Ta-da.

Colby has been working on his salumi project for some time now. He uses sustainably raised heritage whole hogs that he butchers every two weeks (that's one hog every two weeks). Most of the cuts go toward Mozza's "whole hog" family-style dinners, but the rest of the pig is used for Colby's salumi-making.

So, starting Thursday, May 31, and every other Thursday following, Colby will be opening up the doors to Mozza's Scuola di Pizza to serve an a la carte menu of salumi, sausages, patés, terrines, pickles, breads, two entrées from the grill and contorni (see the menu below). And because you need something to drink with all that, some Bastianich Prosecco, red and white house wines.

From 6-10 p.m., not only can you eat all this stuff but, just as much fun, you can geek out with Colby about what all of it means. Maybe go read Paul Bertolli's or Michael Ruhlman's charcuterie books before you head over. Bring a pencil and paper along with your Leica and your appetite. Reservations not necessary.

Mozza's salumi menu
Mozza's salumi menu

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