More Fun With Pigs: Pig-shaped Mooncakes

Pig shaped mooncake.

Jim ThurmanPig shaped mooncake.

While normally round or square, mooncakes can also be found shaped like fish or rabbits (representing the Year of the Rabbit), but it's this little pig that caught our attention. While animal shaped mooncakes are primarily aimed at kids, who doesn't love anything pig-shaped? Squid Ink recently featured a pig shaped lighter, and in the San Gabriel Valley, one can find all manner of porcine items, ranging from children's toys to a pig-shaped vaporizer.

Pig shaped mooncake, up close.

Jim ThurmanPig shaped mooncake, up close.

This little piggy is filled with mung bean paste -- no, not ham -- and is available for $1.99 at Chinese herbs, foods and goods seller T.S. Emporium, which also has a larger version for $5.99. Other brands of pig mooncakes, often referred to as golden pig and featuring either a smiling or dancing pig on the label, can be found at some of the large supermarkets in the San Gabriel Valley.

Tak Shing Hong/T.S. Emporium: 122 W. Garvey Ave., Monterey Park, (323) 888-8877. 401 E. Garvey Ave., Monterey Park, (626) 307-0794. 1457 Nogales St. Frontage, Rowland Heights. (626) 839-0022.