Marcos Tello Resigns From The Tar Pit

There was some question yesterday regarding whether The Tar Pit's head barman Marcos Tello would take over for Audrey Saunders, who has "amicably" left the bar/restaurant as both partner and creator of the beverage program due to creative differences. Mixologist consultants Christy Pope and Chad Summers have departed with her. We can confirm that Tello has resigned from the La Brea bar altogether and will instead continue to pull shifts at The Varnish downtown and help set up the cocktail program at new downtown supper club, First & Hope, with his cocktail consultation partner, Aidan Demarest.

Marcos Tello at First & Hope
Marcos Tello at First & Hope
Caroline on Crack

Tello said he had decided to step down from the head barman spot last week--before Saunders' departure. But on Tuesday, Jay Perrin, managing partner at The Tar Pit, offered him the position after Saunders' departure. Tello declined and instead submitted his resignation from The Tar Pit yesterday.

If you're looking for Tello now, you'll find him at The Varnish, and when it opens mid-March, behind the bar at First & Hope Supper Club.

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