Mall Update: Now You Can Get Cupcakes at Cinnabon. Lucky You.

The cupcake craze is not only Never Going Away, it's still growing. Not only do we have the upcoming Cupcake Challenge, but the makers of Cinnabon have now introduced a new cupcake menu. I guess cinnamon rolls were a little too old-fashioned, or maybe they just did't have the same cachet. For whatever reason, you can now get four kinds of Cinnabon cupcakes the next time you're in need of a calorie blast at the Mall. Just in time for Cinnabon's 25 anniversary and because "life needs more frosting." The cupcakes come in carrot, vanilla, chocolate and the "Cinnacake Classic," which is pretty much what you'd expect it to be, namely a cinnamon roll in cupcake form. So much for any further pretense that you're actually eating breakfast.

Cinnabon's 4 new cupcakes
Cinnabon's 4 new cupcakes

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