Les Deux Closes: For Good

Les Deux's Beet Salad
Les Deux's Beet Salad
Claire Thomas

Like Bastide with its umpteen chef changes, Les Deux is something of a pop-up, except it keeps popping up in the same place. The once hot Hollywood spot's latest iteration (as a gastropub and mixology nexus) has officially closed, this time for good (at least as Les Deux).

Word is the back room and patio will be renovated, and the Les Deux name will, finally and mercifully, be buried. Smart move. In its later years, Les Deux had lost much of its cachet. Instead of being envied for its exclusivity, it was noted mainly for its laughable, Sunset Strip-like bouncers who catered to a C-grade celebutard crowd.

A quick recap:

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Les Deux Cafes - Closed

1638 N. Las Palmas Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028


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