Laser-Cut Designer Sushi Rolls

Laser-cut nori
Laser-cut nori

How's this for sushi art? Japanese ad agency I&S BBDO came up with these stellar designs for its client Umino Seaweed, who was looking for a way to boost sales after the 2011 tsunami. The solution -- create a fusion of traditional Japanese and modern design using the latest cutting technology.

Laser-Cut Designer Sushi Rolls

The patterns are inspired by ancient Japanese history and are meant to symbolize good fortune, happiness and longevity. The company won the gold at the advertising competition Spikes Asia for its seaweed designs. According to its profile: "By combining a traditional product with a modern laser cutter, these patterns create an entirely new type of nori never seen before. The designs are entirely new for the industry, and convey both our wish for the future as well as our respect for the past."

The five designs: Sakura (Cherry Blossoms), Mizutama (Water Drops), Asanoha (Hemp), Kikkou (Turtle Seashell), Kumikkou (Tortoise Shell). Somehow integrate these with those awesome SushiBots and sushi might well be on its way to becoming one of the most technologically savvy dishes out there.

Laser-Cut Designer Sushi Rolls
Laser-Cut Designer Sushi RollsEXPAND

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