L.A. Weekly Flickr Pool Reader Photo of the Day: Sorbet on the Beach

sorbet on the beach at Santa Barbara
sorbet on the beach at Santa Barbara
LA Weekly Flickr pool/R. E. ~

Today's L.A. Weekly Flickr pool photo of the day? Sorbet on the beach, two things that you'll probably be wanting in the next few days, as we prepare for another triple digit heat wave. The photograph is courtesy of frequent Flickr pool contributor R. E. ~. The sorbet in question is from Sugar and Salt Creamery in Santa Barbara. And the beach is Butterfly Beach, also in Santa Barbara. Not a bad weekend road trip, especially during these last few weeks of summer.

And a reminder that if you have any terrific food photography, consider sharing your photos with us via the L.A. Weekly flickr pool. Never know where they might show up.

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