L.A. Weekly Flickr Pool Photo of the Day: Choritos a la Chalaca at Mo-Chica

Choritos a la Chalaca from Mo-Chica
Choritos a la Chalaca from Mo-Chica
Darin Dines | Flickr

Our L.A. Weekly Flickr pool photo of the day is from photographer Darin Dines, whose photo of Choritos a la Chalaca, a dish of grilled and chopped muscles, prawns, squid and tomato choclo salsa, is on the menu at Mo-Chica. The new one, that is. Ricardo Zarate's original Peruvian restaurant, in the Mercado La Paloma, recently closed, to make way for a new incarnation in downtown L.A.

Zarate -- Lima native, former executive chef at Wabi Sabi and founder of Mo-Chica -- is rightly known for his ceviche. Here, a similar technique is used to make this dish, the seafood arranged into a half muscle shell and accompanied by a citrus sauce. Taken pictures around the L.A. restaurant scene lately? Think about sharing them on the L.A. Weekly Flickr pool.

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