L.A. Lobster Fest Goes For Guinness Record

The lobsters at last week's Long Beach Lobster Fest won't hold a claw to the colossal crustaceans at our own Port of L.A. Lobster Festival in San Pedro this weekend. Although the festival is already recognized as the biggest event of its kind, this year they're looking to make it official: starting Saturday, September 19, at 1 p.m. festival producers will take a shot at the Guinness world record for "Most seafood prepared at an outdoor event."

Colossal Claws
Colossal Claws
Photo Credit: Simon Goldenberg

"I've spared no expense to bring this honor to San Pedro," says festival producer Jim Hall, who has personally fronted the cost for the record attempt. To secure the title, each lobster must be weighed individually by an official licensed weighmaster. After an estimated eight-hour period, Hall expects to have blown the current record of 3,835 pounds, one ounce right out of the water.

Between Friday, September 18th, until Sunday the 20th, over 15 tons of wild Maine lobsters will flown in and sold for $17 per 1.25 lbs. Tickets can be purchased online for $7 with a coupon from their website, or at the box office on the day of the event.

Visit the Port of L.A. Lobster Festival website for more details.

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