KFC Debuts Cheesy Bacon Bowl -- But Is It Worse Than Frito Pie?

KFC's Cheesy Bacon Bowl

Courtesy of KFCKFC's Cheesy Bacon Bowl

Bacon on everything! Kentucky Fried Chicken's cashing in on the "everything's better with bacon" trend, introducing their newest artery-hardener, the Cheesy Bacon Bowl. Why stand on formality and separate your meal into discrete categories like mashed potatoes, fried chicken, corn, gravy and cheese? Simply, pile them all into one slop bucket (ahem, bowl) -- then, top it with bacon.

The eternal struggle: Frito Pie vs. Cheesy Bacon Bowl.

Courtesy of The Broward/Palm Beach New TimesThe eternal struggle: Frito Pie vs. Cheesy Bacon Bowl.

Our cousins over at The Broward/Palm Beach New Times have already done the critical math, comparing KFC's Cheesy Bacon Bowl to the classic Frito Pie to determine which is the bigger, badder gutbomb.

Decide for yourself, and if you're set on the latter, you can enter KFC's contest to win a year's worth of Cheesy Bacon Bowls. Follow @kfc_colonel and Tweet what it is you love about the Cheesy Bacon Bowl using the hashtag #BaconBowls. Sure, you'll take years off your life if you win, but it's wroth the glory, right?

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