Is That a Bug in My Taco? Machine Project's Eat Bug Eat

The menu at a taco joint can read a bit like a horror film script: brains, steamed head, stomach, guts, the occasional eye-ball taco. But bugs? Bugs are a major requisite for that creepy, crawly horror flick scary feeling. And while the occasional fried grasshopper can be found on the menus of L.A.'s Oaxacan restaurants, bugs and insects aren't seen on many a plate. But never fear! Or maybe do fear, because Echo Park's gastronomic-learning art gallery Machine Project is taking on the edible insects of the world for next Friday's Eat Bug Eat.

The folks from CRITTER Salon will be serving up hand-made tortillas to fill with the likes of wax moth larvae and other bugs. And if the thought of munching down on some wax moth larvae tacos doesn't sound as mouth-watering as, say, some carnitas or birria, then keep this in mind: they taste like bacon! Crispy fried bacon! You know you want to try one.

The new bacon??
The new bacon??
C Joe V / Machine Project: 1200 D North Alvarado St., Los Angeles; (213) 483-8761. $5 workshop fee covers bugs, mead and taco fixins. The March 12th event is limited to 40 diners.

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