In Memoriam: The Saddest Restaurant Closings of 2015 (in Haiku Form)

Mari Vanna
Mari Vanna
Anne Fishbein

So many restaurants, so many memories. As excited as we are to celebrate the arrival of great restaurants this year (for those, check out Besha Rodell's 10 Best New Restaurants of 2015), it's also important to pour out a bit of our proverbial 40-ounce for the establishments that shut their doors. Some were highly acclaimed, some had a hard time finding their way; some lasted a matter of months, some lasted decades. Here we pay tribute to their demise in the best way we know how: poetic verse.

Lawsuits sure do suck. 
Kickstarter helped. Not enough.
Next stop: Hollywood.

Billy’s Deli
Pastrami on rye
is lost art. Bye Glendale nosh.
No matzo for us.

Black Hogg (now Ohana Poké Co.)
Bacon popcorn out;
poké is in. Bring a fork
and dig some fish, then.

Pasta by hand rocks,
but it's hard to make. Let’s go
to Italy and chill.

Casbah Café
What up, Silver Lake?
You used to be cool, but now
you've gone corporate.

Sinatra ate here;
so did Dean. Farewell, meatballs
and those red sauce stains.

Sad day for soul food:
No more fried chicken or greens.
Tears flow in Torrance.

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