How I Celebrated National Pig Day

"What did you do today, Daddy?" squealed the children. "What did you do to celebrate National Pig Day?'' "Why, the same thing I do every day," I said.

And you know something? It was true! Yesterday at Ford's Filling Station, a restaurant whose specialty is nominally the $400 whole-pig dinners you have to order a week in advance, I ate a flatbread with sliced mushrooms and thinly sliced mountain ham, followed by a very nice shrimp curry that was garnished with slivers of crisp Niman Ranch bacon. I didn't get to take the day off of work - that honor was reserved for National Margarita Day - but at least I was able to celebrate in my own fashion.

Ford's Filling Station menu
Ford's Filling Station menu
LA Weekly Flickr pool/Muy Yum


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